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Welcome To Pro Rank (PTY). Professional Google marketing services in South Africa. Pro Rank was first formed in March 2013, and its primary aim was to provide professional and affordable Google marketing services for small/medium-sized businesses in South Africa. We provide our clients with budget-friendly solutions as well as free valuable advice, to help them excel in the online market world. Our company is situated in Johannesburg, Gauteng, and we offer our Google marketing services to businesses throughout South Africa.

Here at Pro Rank, you will also enjoy a more personalized experience as you will directly communicate with our specialists, so your online marketing goals are fully understood. Our company works on a month-to-month basis so our clients can be assured they will receive the highest quality of work. We understand that if clients are not happy with our performance, they can leave at any time, however, we plan to keep you happy and forever with our company.

Hi everyone,

"Thanks for stopping by, I love meeting new people and it will be my pleasure growing your business online. I will work with you to understand your business goals and objectives, and I will do my absolute best to make the most of your budget and campaigns. I believe in honesty, hard work, and results. I do not implement long and unnecessary contracts, as I want the quality of my services to keep you coming back. Please feel free to reach out regarding any questions you may have."

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Andreas Pepas


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    Radical Integrity

    Our people truly care for our work and for each other.

    People First

    We believe that a culture will build a thriving company.

    Process Perfection

    We’re driven to becoming the best version of ourselves.

    Why Us

    Why Choose Us

    Our specialists have completed the necessary Certifications to set up and maintain Google Ad campaigns:

    We have recently passed the latest Google Certifications:
    1. Google Ads Search Certification
    2. Google Ads Display Certification
    3. Google My Business Certification

    The above certifications incorporate the latest advancements of AI into the Google Ad campaigns, which means we implement the latest Google Ad practices online. We send detailed reports of all the work we have accomplished, which include:

    1. Backlinks Created
    2. Keyword Ranking Positions
    3. Traffic Statistics
    4. Progress Statistics

    Our Google Marketing Strategy

    We use top keyword tools to find high-traffic keywords.

    • We search for high-traffic and targeted keywords that would be beneficial for your business.
    • We use keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner to dig up these valuable keywords.
    • We determine the Cost-Per-Click for your targeted keywords so you can make important budget decisions.
    • We make use of AI in our Google Ad campaigns to find keywords with high-conversion values.

    We provide an in-depth SEO analysis of your website.

    We assess multiple essential elements of your website which will increase your search engine rank. These include:

    Loading Speeds
    Poor loading speeds leads to frustrated users, lower conversion rates and lower rankings on Google. Websites that load quickly have lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

    Duplicate Content
    Duplicate website content drastically lowers your authority and prevents ranking on Page 1 of Google. We use Copyscape to determine if your website content has been copied from another site.

    Content Thin Sites
    Websites with little content are considered as thin content websites, they do not rank or perform well on Google. Google do not like one-page websites, and they limit your reach for SEO and Google Ads.

    Websites should be simple to navigate for the user. Your website should display traditional navigation components for optimal results. Poor navigational sites lead to frustrated users and low conversion rates.

    SSL Certificates
    SSL Certificates creates a safer browsing experience for the user, and rank much better than websites without an SSL.  You could have a Free SSL Certificate, please check with your hosting provider if you do not possess one.

    We optimize your website and make it search-engine-friendly.

    One of the first steps to SEO is On-Page SEO.
    On-Page SEO are essential elements on your website that need to be updated to meet a certain criterion.
    We do a detailed SEO Assessment and Analysis and provide Vital Recommendations to optimize your website for Google.
    Several examples Include:

    1. Number of Words
    2. Keyword Density
    3. Meta Title Suggestions
    4. Image Attribution Recommendations
    5. And more

    We implement safe and powerful link-building campaigns on googles.

    Off-Page SEO is the continuous effort of building backlinks and expanding your brand on the Internet.
    Our link building methods comply with the latest algorithm updates implemented by Google which means they are safe and highly effective.
    We send reports of our link building efforts so our clients are assured we are hard at work in ranking their website on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    We will help setup your google business places account.

    Google Places allows your business website to appear on Google Search and Google Maps for local searches.

    We will help you set up your Google Places account properly and help with the verification process.

    We will also manage your Google Places account to drive locally targeted traffic to your website.  

    We will help setup your google analytics account to track your stats.

    Google Analytics is a vital part of online marketing. This Google tool displays all your traffic statistics to ensure you are receiving top-quality marketing services. It also helps us understand how people interact with your website so we make the necessary improvements to increase inquiries and conversions. You will have 24-hour access to your account at all times.

    We are certified google ADs experts with 10 years experience

    We have been setting up and managing Google Ad campaigns for the last 10 years. We know the trade as well as the tricks within it. We have completed the latest Google Ad certification which covers the new integration of AI within Google Ads. Google Ad campaigns have flexible budgets, which means we can change or pause budgets depending on the client requests. We use tools like performance planner which allow us to determine how many conversions you will receive within a budget range.

    We send out professional monthly SEO reports with relevant stats.

    We send detailed reports at the end of every month containing all the SEO and Google Ads work we have done, as well as your ranking positions for your targeted keywords. We also assist clients in setting up their Google Analytics accounts so they can keep track of their organic and paid traffic figures to your website.