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Are 1-page websites good for marketing your business in South Africa?

No, 1-page websites limit your marketing abilities. You cannot send users directly to pages as they would have to scroll and search for specific products. This can potentially frustrate users. 1-page websites also do not rank well organically on Google with search engine optimization.

How should product images be displayed on your website?

Product images should be crystal clear and not blurry. The products should be displayed on a white background and should contain no watermarks on it. If you decide to use the Google Ad Shopping platform to sell products, you will be required to meet the above recommendations, or your advert will get disapproved.

What are the basic requirements that every website should meet?

Basic website requirements include having a fast-loading website that is mobile-friendly. It should contain an SSL certificate, a Terms & Conditions, and a Privacy Policy page.

What are good offline conversion tactics?

It’s always a good practice to provide Free Services to potential clients. For instance, our SEO company offers free SEO assessments and Free quotes. This allows us to communicate with the client and show off our expertise and abilities. The potential client will understand we are experienced and professional, which will increase our chances of conversion.

How much can chatbots increase your conversion rate?

Chatbots can increase your conversion rate up to 800% if the chatbot is constructed properly. Chatbots create a new and exciting way to influence website visitors to act on your website. 

Is having Live Chat a good feature to have on your website?

Absolutely! Live chat can have a massive impact on your conversion rate, as it allows users to ask important questions about your business, book meetings, and provide special offers.

Do slow-loading websites influence decision-making and conversions?

Yes! Slow-loading websites negatively impact your conversions. Many times, users will click on an advert and leave before the website loads. This wastes your budget, and you potentially miss out on a sale.

Would you recommend including the owner or director in your video presentation?

Yes! If the owner introduces himself and briefly discussed the business, it would make an enormous impact on conversions. It’s important to implement this even if the owner is not comfortable being on camera.

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