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Google Ads is a Google Marketing platform for businesses to increase their online visibility, drive targeted traffic to their website, increase their sales, and generate valuable leads in South Africa.

Google Ads provides marketers with many powerful features such as targeting options and popular ad formats. This helps marketers meet their desired goals with their allocated spend and promote their businesses using the latest Google Ad AI advancements.

Google Ads enables advertisers to bid on keywords related to their product or service and display advertisements when targeted users search Google or visit their partnering sites in its Display Network.

Our company has completed the latest Google Ads Search and Display Certification. We have been setting up and managing Google Ad campaigns for the last 10 years. We optimize all elements from keyword selection to the creation of ad copies – our expert Google Ads team ensures your campaigns meet your business goals precisely; whether that means driving more visitors to your website, increasing conversions, or building brand recognition.


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    Why Pro Rank (PYT)

    Benefits to using Pro Rank

    At Pro Rank, we have been implementing Google Adwords for businesses in Johannesburg, South Africa since 2013. we recognize that Google Ads requires more than simply setting up a campaign; it takes an approach tailored to meet your business goals and data analysis to increase online visibility. Our online marketers have passed the 2 latest exams to promote the different platforms of Google Adwords. 

    These Include:

    1. The Google Search Ad Certification

    This certification covers creating and maintaining Google Search Campaigns. This promotes your advert on Google’s search engine and incorporates the latest advancements of AI into it.

    2. The Google Display Ad Certification

    This certification covers creating and maintaining Google Display Campaigns. This promotes your advert on 3 million Google partner sites and uses AI features.


    With Our Google Ads Services, We Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website!

    We Create a Strategic Campaign

    For optimal results, we carefully build our Google Ad campaigns considering factors like campaign type, budget allocation, and ad group structures. Furthermore, we search for valuable keywords that would be extremely beneficial for your Google Ad campaigns.

    Eye Catching Ad Copy

    We understand the importance of creating professional and compelling ads that will encourage your users to click on your advert. This results in higher click-through rates and conversions.

    Keyword Research

    We use powerful Keyword Research Tools, such as Google’s Keyword Planner. to carefully select keywords that will perform well in your industry. We also remove any negative keywords that waste the budget and do not benefit our campaign.

    Time Scheduling

    We make sure your adverts are displayed on Google during your business hours and days. This way you are ensured client calls are dealt with promptly and none of your budget goes to waste.

    Location Targeting

    Our adverts can be targeted towards specific areas, cities, and even countries, depending on how far you would like to expand your reach.

    Increase visibility

    We will help to increase visibility in Google Ads by leveraging their expertise in optimizing various elements that contribute to ad performance. This includes keyword research to identify high-value terms, refining ad copy for relevancy and click-through rates, optimizing landing pages for better quality scores, managing bid strategies for optimal ad placements, and continuously analyzing and refining campaigns based on performance data.

    Assets for enhanced advertising exposure

    We add important assets to your Google Adverts to increase ad visibility and promote your clickthrough rate. These include call assets, callout assets, site link assets, structured snippet assets, location assets, and more. We strive to ensure that your ads appear prominently in search results and encourage users to interact with your business.

    Enhancing precision across Google Networks

    Google Ads do not only appear on the Search Network. You have the option to make your advert appear on over 3 million websites worldwide. This is known as the Google Display Network, which has access to 90% of the internet users worldwide and implements remarketing, which allows to you target visitors who have already visited your site before.

    Audience Based

    We can target audiences based on several characteristics such as age, gender, income bracket, and parental status. We allow the AI to implement machine learning to figure out who is most likely to contact your business.


    Display Network Expertise

    Video Campaigns

    We understand how important videos have become, and we help businesses leverage visual storytelling through strategic video campaigns on YouTube, the Display Network, and other platforms. Our targeting options include demographics, video engagement metrics, and interests.

    Shopping Campaign Optimization

    We understand how to create and optimize Shopping Campaigns that showcase products at the top of the search results. For maximum exposure, we prioritize strategic bidding, data optimization, and continuous refinement to maximize visibility.

    Effective Bidding Strategies and Budget Control

    Effective bid management is vital to achieving optimal results within budget. Pro Rank utilizes advanced bidding techniques and budget management strategies.

    Conversion Tracking Mastery

    Conversion tracking helps businesses like Pro Rank measure the success of actions on their websites such as filling out forms or purchasing products, while our bidding strategies use conversion data to target campaigns and keywords most relevant to achieving your business goals.

    Budget Allocation and Adjustments

    Budget allocation is strategically allocated across campaigns and ad groups. The daily budget is what you are willing to pay to advertise per day, and can be paused at any moment. Budget adjustments depend on the effectiveness of campaigns, seasonality, and business goals.

    CTR analysis and optimization

    Monitored click-through rates (CTR) help us assess ad relevancy and user engagement, with underperforming ads being adjusted by changing ad copy or keywords or the targeting parameters.

    Ad Performance Analysis

    Ad Performance Analysis and Optimization is an ongoing process that must be consistently observed to ensure your campaign's success. Pro Rank excels at conducting effective ad-performance analyses and ongoing optimization efforts.

    A/B Testing Expertise

    A/B testing is essential in today's marketing strategies, enabling us to understand which adverts are performing the best and allocate more budget to those adverts. With AI integrated into the equation, it helps find the best combination of ads for optimal results.

    Quality Score Manager

    An effective quality score is critical to both reduced advertising costs and higher ad placements. Pro Rank has implemented a strategy to increase this score, including optimizing ad relevancy, landing page experience, and anticipated click-through rates to achieve this result. 


    Good Words From Our Clients

    Highly recommended! We have been using Andrea and his team for over 2 years now and we are very happy with their services. have made our presence online very noticeable!

    Andreas is an SEO and Google AdWords magician. Our business has seen fantastic growth since he has been managing our online marketing. An absolute pleasure to work with. Recommended.

    Pro-Rank has been doing my SEO for several years now and they are a master of their craft. Ranking in the Top 3 positions of Google for multiple keywords at incredibly low prices, I highly recommend their services.


    Brilliant SEO services. Our SEO campaign done by Pro-Rank has gotten my company, 1Fetch, to have consistent organic rankings on the first page of various Google searches.

    Pro-Rank has only been helpful and a pleasure to work with. Since our Company Mini Max Removals and Storage has been dealing with him with our SEOs and Google search, we have had more business.

    Pro Rank provides the best SEO service I have ever had. Within the first month, I was on page 1 for some of my keywords and after 3 months I'm ranking on page 1 for several of my top keywords! He gets results, 10/10 would recommend.