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5 ways to create trust with your website

There are two primary elements to online marketing. The first is clicks (traffic) and the 2nd is conversions. (actions). These two elemtns have to be addressed accordingly to have a successful online marketing campaign.


Click are the number of website visitors arriving on your site. Clicks are driven either by online or offline markering campaigns.

  • Offline Marketing Campaigns:
    Offline marketing refers to marketing your business through outdoor methods such as business cards, flyers, billboards, and outdoor banners.
  •  Online Marketing Campaigns:
    Online Marketing campaigns refer to marketing your business on the internet such as search engine optimization, paid advertising, and social media marketing.


Conversions are important actions taken by your website users. Conversion percentage is the number of clicks divided by the number of actions taken on your website. If 10 people clicked on your website and one person bought a product, your conversion rate would be 10%.

Here are the different conversion types:

  1. Telephone Calls
  2. Leads
  3. Inquiries
  4. Sales
  5. App Downloads


Trust is the most important element of online marketing. Trust takes website visitors and turns them into paying clients. Your website should create trust and meet the following standards:

  1. Mobile Friendly
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. Fast Download Speeds
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. Private Policy



Having human faces displayed on your website will drastically improve the relationship between brands and target audiences. People enjoy dealing with people, and presenting pictures of your directors and staff, working in a friendly environment will portray professionalism and trust. Consider adding a page on your website, featuring its owner or other key members of your team, and include a picture and biography of each member. This will create an online emotional bond and increase your chance of conversion.


Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing in the world today, which is why trust can be built through positive customer reviews. Testimonials can serve as a great way to prove the worth of your service or product by including them on your website; having your clients express their positive experiences will reassure potential clients that they are making the correct decision by joining your services. Testimonials usually include quotes from customers, photos, or video interviews. Make sure your testimonials cover a range of topics relevant to the services you offer so potential customers can relate more easily to positive experiences shared by other people.


Make sure to communicate any warranties or guarantees associated with your product or services in South Africa. The warranties should also be highlighted by the payment options to assure clients their money will not go to waste. Money-back warranties show customers you value them as customers and assure them of this priority status. Your website should outline these guarantees clearly so customers can easily understand them, and feel comfortable and confident to purchase on your website.


Video presentations are key elements in converting traffic. They are engaging, they keep your customer’s attention, and they allow you to display your marketing message more effectively.
Consider creating a presentation video that introduces your company, its products, and services as well as underlines its core values. Video can activate people’s emotions and be more effective at conveying information than text; thus creating stronger bonds with audiences. Post a video on your homepage or about page to gain their trust and gain more visitors’ focus and attention.


Bonuses are an effective strategy to push customers over the buying edge. Providing customers with bonuses and discounts entices visitors to buy from you and increases their trust and loyalty to your brand. Make sure to highlight any such special promotions on your website so all terms are clear and there are no misunderstandings. A great strategy is to provide first-time customer offers to encourage visitors to act, so deliver on promises made to build trust and encourage more business in the future.



Chatbots are automatic programs that engage with your website audience through text messages.
They appear as a live human chat at the bottom of a website, either placed on the right-hand or left-hand side of the site. Chatbots offer many interesting functions to promote conversions on your website. Several examples include:


Chatbots can inform clients about special offers and communicate product or service info that could interest and influence clients.


Chatbots can book meetings with date and time calendars, as well as take down clients’ contact details.


Chatbots can encourage website users to sign up for your newsletter, where you can send promotions to users directly by email.


Chatbots can direct users to important pages of your website where you can show them products and special offers.


It’s important to understand that building trust with website visitors is both an emotional and practical process. You must implement the above-mentioned factors such as testimonials, showing photos of the owner, providing guarantees, creating video presentations, or offering discounts or bonuses to help create positive experiences online for visitors. This will establish a long-term relationship while encouraging brand loyalty. You must remember that communication, consistency, and transparency are also key when building trust between the brand and visitors.


Poorly constructed websites will waste your budget. It’s important to provide potential customers with a professional and well-constructed website that will promote trust. It’s important to know that search engines examine the interaction between websites and users. If the interaction is positive, the website will have higher search ranking positions. If the interaction is negative, the website will drop down the search engine ranking. The same goes for your website users. If users struggle to navigate around your website and feel frustrated, they will leave your website and you will have lost the conversion.

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